Your Dependable Swimming Pool Cleaner

Our mission here at Emerald Pools is to provide you with reliable and quality swimming pool service in Chico, CA. We will make your swimming pool cleaner, safer, and healthier. We are the pool contractor that you can trust if you are looking for quality pool cleaning services.

Weekly Full Service Pool Cleaning
Weekly swimming pool cleaning is for unscreened swimming pools, with or without spas, that need extra attention because of leaves and other falling objects. An every-other-week cleaning is usually for swimming pools with screens. This type of pool cleaning service is designed to save pool cleaning costs due to screen enclosures. Full cleaning service includes tile and wall brushing, filter cleaning, vacuuming, basket cleaning, and checking water chemical levels.

Brush and Basket Filter
This is a popular pool cleaning service that includes pool brushing and basket and filter cleaning on a weekly or bimonthly basis. Pool owners who own or are planning to buy an automatic swimming pool cleaner usually choose this option.

Monthly Backwash
As a professional swimming pool company, we also offer this monthly service if your pool has DE filters. Our technicians will backwash your filter and then add special DE powder after the backwashing process is complete.

Special Cleaning Service
We have encountered clients with special requests before. These include fountain cleanings, multiple pool cleaning sessions per week due to dirt and debris, and one-time cleanings for event preparations. As a professional swimming pool contractor that’s dedicated to customer satisfaction, we work hard to meet your requirements. All you have to do is call us, tell us about your request, and we’ll do the rest.

For professional pool cleaning services in the area, call Emerald Pools now at (530) 200-8095 and get ready to receive world-class cleaning services. We are based in Chico, CA, so you can also visit us if you have any questions.